Spots of Sunshine

I crave the outdoors only when it’s sunny outside, and the air feels light and wafts gently around my wrists in translucent rays of sunshine and dust.

I long to stay at home when it’s raining, and the bed looks especially seductive, with a big mattress and three pillows stacked upon its calm, blue bedspread.

Today is a sunshine day.

It’s one of the rare days where Dad’s classes end around noon, half-past twelve. It’s one of the rare days where my brother has no fencing training to go to, and it’s one of the rare days where my mom has less work to do in the house. It’s one of the rare days where I am actually inside my house for more than to sleep and eat dinner–a student’s busy schedule is no joke, and the school-version of my ‘plate’ is piled high with ‘nutrients’–I mean, numerous commitments.

With nothing tugging on our shirt-sleeves, we went out, into the blustering sunshine, to have a meal together, as a family. Dad got fish. Mom got seafood pasta, my brother got rice and cheesy chicken, and I twirled my fork around noodles flavoured with garlic. As we sat around the table, half-way through our meals, Dad put down his fork and beamed broadly at us.

That smile said to me, Dad is glad that he’s here with us in this moment.

Similar grins from my mom and brother all displayed equal amounts of affection and energy; I myself felt renewed and recharged from the happy moment we were having together, as a family.

When we went out of the house and journeyed to our favourite restaurant, it had been sunny. The sunshine cast half of our faces in shadows, and danced warmly between our shoulder blades. However, nothing was warmer than the feeling of love, in my heart.

It was raining when we stepped back into our house, but that was okay. My belly was full, my dad and mom had crow’s feet from smiling and laughing, and my brother was feeling better from a heavy week.

I put a fist to my chest, right where my heart would be. In that moment, I appreciated the spots of sunshine God had showered me with. My Family.




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