Books, Books, Books!

I get extremely happy whenever this five-letter word, starting with B–no, not b*tch–is mentioned.


Instead of being addicted to coffee or cold green tea (which I was previously hooked on, to an unhealthy extent), I get my highs from books. Pages flipping right in my face, feeling the shiny varnish of a cover in my hands or hearing the satisfying crack of a well-loved novel open in front of me once again–needless to say, I get withdrawals when I go without books for a week.

I’ve also been sieving through all the beautiful ‘bookstagrams’ and book blogs out there that provide me with succinctly yet well-written synopsis/summaries of books that I can get my hands on! My mother has a thing against buying actual, physical copies of the books, so I read  the Shadowhunters series and the first book in Sarah Maas’ series of Court of Thorns and Roses online! Thank you to all those kind souls who put books online, available for people like me, who are a) not working b) too young to work anyway c) aspire to be a writer and d) want. to. read. with all of  my big, fat, heart.


Can’t wait for Court of Mist and Fury to finish downloading; meanwhile, I’m going to sit back with green tea (cold, of course) and The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu! It’s an exciting, action-packed novel, with vivid descriptions, aptly-written to convey sharp images as the story flicks by in adrenaline-drenched chapters!

Side-note: I visited a bookstore recently, down here in Singapore, and managed to find a gorgeous, paperback version of The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories. I really, really love The Paper Menagerie. This may sound cliche, but the lovely, heart-wrenching story reasonates deep within me because of my own background and family set-up, and the neighbourhood I grew up in. I hope the story will carry on for generations!

Well, I think Court of Mist and Fury has finished downloading onto my laptop~~ here sits a girl in an extremely happy mood!

  • me!:)

P.S: I SAVED UP ENOUGH FOR A PHYSICAL COPY OF THE WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLE! Oh, how I would (kill)(cough, not really)(wait, maybe books are worth the jail-time…) for physical copies of all his other works! 🙂

Also, please check out Beth of The Quiet PeopleI’ve been reading(or, stalking) her wonderful website; thank you, Beth, for putting the content you work on online, for I live for your book reviews and daily reviews 😉

Here’s to a readingful afternoon!


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