Diary Entry || To Those Who Won’t Reply

prompt: write a letter/diary entry to anyone who won’t reply you! keep this practice up for at least once a week , every week, for the remainder of the year!

I have a crazy idea, and that involves writing diary entries of (mundane) events that are currently occurring in my life right now, and addressing them not to a hardcover diary, but an actual person. People who will never reply me, not in a million years — aka ye ye (my grandfather who I never got to meet before he passed on), po po (I was blessed with spending the last five years of her lifetime with her in Singapore) and people like my favorite singers/actresses/authors/people whom I appreciate greatly for their talent, but at the same time, people who are busy holding down the life of a celebrity, hence, they will not reply.


This is a no-strings attached kind of thing; because the people I write to won’t reply, there’s no judging involved, no weird eye-lash blinks or ticks of the jaw once my diary entry is ‘read’. I crave for this kind of freedom when writing, especially when delivering personal recounts–let’s hope that I can keep up this little experiment of mine for the remainder of the year!

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