The 7th Sense

We’re kind of like parallel lines; never meant to intersect, and never will. But we’re a different pair of parallel lines; terrible, terrible lines.

We started off as two. Yin and Yang, we fit together, melding together, fusing together as if we were two miscible liquids seeking to form a homogeneous mixture that some kid would later try to separate (using fractional distillation). We dissolved into each other. I flowed into the nook behind your ear, you swam into the crook of my elbow. We swilled like aged wine in the crevices of each other’s hearts.

We are now…Parallel.

We can’t meet, and we won’t. It is written in the stars and etched into constellations of the sky, far before telescopes were invented and astronomy became a ‘legit’ subject in the shit-hole of a school that we both attended; where sparks first flew between the two poker sticks: us. Charred and insides black and ruined, like us–both donning poker faces to everyone around us, but beaming emotional egos in front of each other.

There are five senses.

Sight, touch, taste, hear, smell. The sixth is often referred to as the ability to hold perceptions, visions of the un-Earthen, un-seen World that exists–spiritual experience.

On May 6th, 2016, I discover another sense. It had been a sort of sense that grated under your fingernails and nestled within cavities of your teeth for a long time; I just couldn’t see it, and neither could you. We could both feel it–hence why we flew apart like magnets of the same pole, when we were once undivided.

Like parallel lines, we will never meet. The seventh sense proclaims that we will never see our start, where we sprung from, two fresh tadpole lovers, two rainbow fish in the sea, two happy human beings–the seventh sense ensures that we never return to where we want to go; it repels my own interests and mis-aligns with my hopes and wishes; it plucks copper strings on the guitar of dislike I hold in my chest, it casts nets in front of me to breathe through. The seventh sense is the disability to return.

the saddest part is that there is no hospital for people like me. Or you. If you even remember the times we had together; every seventh hour.


The 7th Sense is a song that was released around this time last month(give or take a few days), as the performance video for a freshly-debuted group under SM Entertainment, NCT U. (You can read more about the NCT concept here)

I was not able to catch the drift of the song when I heard it the first three times, and because the saying goes three’s the charm I decided that this was one of the songs that I would not be adding to my playlists. After a few weeks, I heard it again and suddenly felt inspired to write…


(Just joking, guys). Hope you enjoyed reading this piece inspired by both my Math homework and The 7th sense by NCT U!



thank you to those who followed and liked my previous post. it really means a lot. (perhaps: the 8th sense–the feeling of escasty that one gets when one’s creative-expressionism is appreciated)

image source



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